Scholarship for Master Programme on International Peace Studies

The International Peace Studies Dual Campus Master Programme is a shared initiative between the Nippon Foundation and the University for Peace, in collaboration with Ateneo de Manila University, which aims to provide students from Japan and other Asian countries with an opportunity to pursue a peace studies post graduate degree with a content-based language-training module.

This offers the support for individuals who do not have a proficient command of English to work in this increasingly common international language and to become comfortable in their professional abilities as they gain academic skills. As part of the programme, students have also the opportunity to apply their academic and practical knowledge through a four-month internship at the end of the Master courses.
The reception of applications to the Dual Campus Master Programme on International Peace Studies is currently open. Students accepted in the programme will be automatically granted full scholarships provided by the Nippon Foundation. A full scholarship includes: tuition fee, the language module, academic materials, and air travel and living expenses during the period of studies.
Description of the ProgrammeThe Dual Campus Master Programme on International Peace Studies is designed to enable students from diverse cultures and backgrounds to attain a deep understanding of the central issues of peace and security which will determine the future of humanity. Through their coursework, participants in the programme broaden their base of knowledge and engage with the major concepts, themes, and debates within international peace and conflict studies, preparing themselves for work with NGOs, governments, aid agencies, the UN and other organizations where a deep understanding of theses issues is critical.
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