IWC Water Leader Scholarships

Every year, the International WaterCentre (IWC) awards scholarships to a small number of excellent candidates who are accepted into the IWC Master of Integrated Water Management (MIWM). Scholarships are awarded to applicants who clearly demonstrate potential to become water leaders of the future.

About the Master of Integrated Water Management

The Masters program is custom-designed by leading practitioners and academics from a range of disciplines from four leading universities in Australia.

The program takes a whole-of-water-cycle approach and equips students with the integration, leadership and managerial skills to become part of an elite group of water leaders with sustainable and holistic solutions to global water and climate change challenges.

The program starts in February (Semester 1) at The University of Queensland, Brisbane.

Scholarship value
  • Full-tuition fee ($41,520) or full-time or part-time/distance** study of the Master of Integrated Water Management
  • Partial-tuition fee* for full-time or part-time/distance** study of the Master of Integrated Water Management
  • Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) for international students

Note: the scholarship does not include travel, accommodation, field work, or living costs. These costs will be the responsibility of successful recipients.

* The selection committee will make a decision as to which recipients will receive a full or partial tuition scholarship.

** Part-time/distance study option is available only to Australian/NZ citizens and Australian permanent residents.

Who can apply

The scholarship is available to eligible Australian/New Zealand citizens, Australian permanent residents and international applicants to study the IWC Master of Integrated Water Management (MIWM) program which begins in February 2012 (Semester 1).

Entry requirements

  • To apply for the scholarship, you must also apply for the MIWM program. Both applications must be received by 1 August.
  • Completion of the equivalent of an Australian undergraduate degree in a related field of study from an internationally-recognised institution.
  • Demonstrated English language proficiency
  • Two years practical experience in a related field is preferred but not required.

Please note that the scholarship is only available to study the IWC Master of Integrated Water Management. It is not available for the IWC Graduate Diploma/Certificate programs or for any other program offered by UQ or other institutions.

Selection Criteria

Typically, successful scholarship candidates will possess an excellent academic record and several years of relevant professional experience. The IWC selection panel will use the following selection criteria when assessing scholarship applications:
  • Academic record: an excellent academic record and a likelihood of success in further study.
  • Professional record: relevant employment experience, achievements, membership of professional bodies and professional references.
  • Commitment to the whole-of-water cycle, integrated and interdisciplinary approaches to water management.
  • Leadership qualities including collaboration and team work, flexibility, initiative, communication skills, integrity and vision through professional, educational, community and other achievements.
  • Potential outcomes: the likelihood of positive impacts on the individual and the water sector from participating in the MIWM Program.
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