Human Rights Watch Fellowships

Human Rights Watch, the international human rights monitoring and advocacy organization, invites applications for its fellowship program. Human Rights Watch is known for its impartial and reliable human rights reporting on over 70 countries worldwide, its innovative and high-profile advocacy campaigns, and its success in affecting the policy of the US and other influential governments toward human rights abusers.

Unrestricted Fellowship
Alan R. and Barbara D. Finberg Fellowship - Established in memory of Alan R. and Barbara D. Finberg, early supporters of Human Rights Watch, this fellowship is open to recent graduates (at the Master's level) in the fields of law, journalism, international relations, or other relevant studies. Graduates with LL.B. degrees or advanced degrees in other relevant disciplines may also be considered.

Restricted Fellowships
NYU School of Law Fellowship at HRW - this fellowship is open to 2011 J.D. graduates of New York University School of Law only.

Leonard H. Sandler Fellowship - established in memory of Judge Leonard H. Sandler, a 1950 Columbia Law graduate with a lifelong commitment to civil rights and liberties, this fellowship is open to J.D. graduates of Columbia Law School only.

Aryeh Neier Fellowship - created to honor the legacy of Aryeh Neier, this two-year fellowship is open to recent graduates of US law schools or applicants who will have graduated from a US law school by June 2011. Neier fellows spend one year at Human Rights Watch documenting a human rights problem inside the United States, and the second year at the American Civil Liberties Union, seeking reforms through advocacy and litigation.
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