PhD Scholarships at Victoria University of Wellington

For the purpose of encouraging postgraduate research, one objective being to build up strong research schools at the University, Victoria offers PhD scholarships to those about to commence their doctoral studies. These scholarships are awarded on academic merit and are open to New Zealand and international students in any discipline.

These Scholarships are intended to encourage doctoral study at Victoria University of Wellington.
Scholarships are open to graduates of any university within or outside of New Zealand who intend to enrol either for PhD. In exceptional cases, applications may be considered from students seeking scholarship support for a PhD degree for which they are already enrolled at VUW. In such cases applicants are required to provide detailed evidence of their exceptional circumstances which must be accompanied by clear support from their supervisor.
Number of awards offered: Approx 35 for PhD study
Scholarships will normally be tenable for three years. For a student who has already been enrolled for a PhD at VUW for more than 6 months at the time when the offer of a Scholarship is made to him/her, the maximum length of tenure of the Scholarship will be reduced at the discretion of the Academic Board.
The application form can be downloaded from the link above. It is important that you submit ONLY the documentation requested on the application form, additional information will not be circulated to selection panels. Application forms and supporting documents should be sent to: Scholarships Office Research Office, 10 Kelburn Parade Victoria University of Wellington, PO Box 600 Wellington, New Zealand
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