IFS Research Grants for Young Scientists

IFS is a NGO (non-governmental organisation) founded in 1972. Funding comes from governmental and non-governmental sources, as well as national and international organisations. The annual budget is approximately USD 5 million. IFS has 135 Affiliated Organisations in 86 countries, of which three-quarters are in developing countries and one-quarter in industrial countries. IFS has an international Board of Trustees. The IFS Secretariat is located in Stockholm, Sweden.

An eligible candidate for an IFS Research grant is
  • a citizen of a developing country
  • a scientist with at least a Master's or equivalent degree/research experience
  • under 40 years of age and at the beginning of research career
  • attached to a university, national research institution or a research-oriented NGO in a developing country
To qualify for IFS funding, research projects must be
  • related to the sustainable utilisation, conservation or management of the biological or water resource base
  • conducted in a developing country
  • of a high scientific standard
  • feasible
  • relevant for the country/region
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