Small Grants for “Enabling Bio-Innovations for Poverty Alleviation in Asia”

“Enabling Bio-Innovation For Poverty Alleviation in Asia” is a competitive research grants awarding program supported by Canada's International Development Research Centre (IDRC, Asia Regional Office, Singapore) in partnership with the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT,Thailand).

The project aims to stimulate and enable research on bio-innovation in Asia that addresses poverty alleviation, and to initiate and support the building of a network of researchers and scholars committed to understanding and enhancing bio-innovation towards economically progressive and socially responsible goals.
This research grants competition on bio-innovation for poverty alleviation in Asia is premised on two key insights from earlier meetings and publications1. First, there is little known about patterns and characteristics of bio-innovation systems operating in the region and their social dynamics. Second, there is little understanding about how these existing bio-innovation systems actually affect poverty or are able to support poverty alleviation goals. 
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