The Ernesto Illy Trieste Science Prize

TWAS and illycaffè s.p.a. have instituted a high-level prize to honour distinguished scientists from developing countries. The Trieste Town Council and the Trieste International Foundation for Scientific Progress and Freedom are collaborating in this effort.
The first four-year cycle of the prize (2005-2008) was established to give international recognition and visibility to outstanding scientific achievements made in basic sciences by individual scientists in developing countries. It was named the 'Trieste Science Prize', in recognition of the unique and fundamental role that the Trieste System of scientific institutions plays in promoting science and technology in the developing world.
The second four-year cycle (2009-2012) of the prize, now called the 'Ernesto Illy Trieste Science Prize' to honour the late former President of illycaffè, will focus on sustainability science. The prize is awarded annually and rotate among the following fields:
  • Climate change and its impact on agriculture in developing countries (2009)
  • Energy (2010)
  • Materials science (2011)
  • Human health (2012)
Each prize carries a monetary award of US$100,000 generously contributed by illycaffè, a trophy and a certificate bearing a citation highlighting the major contributions for which the prize is awarded. The annual prize will be presented to the recipient at a special occasion arranged by TWAS, illycaffè and the Trieste Town Council.
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