UNU-ONY Junior Professional Fellow

The United Nations University Office at the United Nations, New York (UNU-ONY) recruits Junior Professional Fellows (JPFs) for two sessions each year running from August to January, and February to July. The internship title, "Junior Professional Fellows" reflects the high level of responsibility and opportunity given to those accepted into this program.
"The work allows you to peek into a large range of institutions and issue areas of the United Nations. Not only do you learn a lot about different working areas, but you can also access it from several angels, interacting with international civil servants, academics, and diplomats."
Jibecke Jonsson, Former Junior Professional Fellow, Current - PhD Student at European University Institute, Florence, Italy
Please note that UNU-ONY Junior Professional Fellows positions require full-time commitments due to the high level of responsibilities given to our interns. These are unpaid positions. On the job training and support is provided throughout the internship. 
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