UNDP - Asia Pacific Human Development Media Fellowship

The human development approach puts people at the centre of development. It recognizes the importance of economic concerns but goes beyond them to raise issues of enlarging human capabilities and expanding people’s choices.
The objective of the Media Fellowship is to contribute to building capacity in the Asia Pacific and support policy through advocacy and dissemination of research that bring people to the centre of development debates. The Fellowship encourages media professionals from Asia Pacific developing countries to undertake media advocacy on issues of concern in the region from a human development perspective on a new theme each year.
Theme – Gender: Overcoming Political, Legal and Economic Inequality
Gender is a social construct and is experienced differently in different cultures, societies and contexts. The power imbalance that defines gender relations influences access to and control over resources, their visibility and participation in social and political affairs, and their ability to realize their fundamental rights. Therefore, the struggle for greater gender equality involves addressing unequal power and unequal voice so all people can exercise choices that lead them to a fulfilled life. 
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