UNDP - Asia Pacific Human Development Academic Fellowship

The human development approach puts people at the centre of development. It recognizes economic drivers for change but goes beyond them to raise issues of enlarging human capabilities and expanding people’s choices.

The objective of the Academic Fellowship is to encourage young Ph.D. students from the Asia Pacifific region to analyse critical development issues from a human development perspective, contributing to development theory, applications and policies. Thus, the Fellows are expected to push the frontiers of research on human development while analyzing, through the human development lens, issues directly or indirectly related to human development. The research must focus on a well-defifined aspect of human development under the theme selected for the year and can be theoretical, applied, policy oriented, or a combination.

Theme – Climate Change and Human Development
Human development is about expanding human potential and enlarging human freedom. Climate change is a human development challenge, as it threatens to erode human freedoms and limit choice and plunge large numbers into overty and hardship. 
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