ADBI Visiting Researchers and Visiting Fellows

In pursuit of its aim to foster high quality and policy-relevant research in ADB's developing member countries, ADBI offers a limited number of places for fixed-term Visiting Researchers and Visiting Fellows. These places are intended to allow researchers to work in Tokyo on a topic of mutual interest to ADBI and the fellows/researchers themselves.

Researchers and fellows with an established record of research on issues of economic development in the region and who are nationals of an ADB member country are eligible to apply.

Researchers and fellows are engaged by ADBI as independent contractors, generally for a maximum of six months. During their period in ADBI researchers and fellows will normally work on an agreed research project under the direction of the Research Director. They will usually work on a research paper deliverable within an agreed timeframe for dissemination by ADBI as well as undertake other agreed project-related activities, if appropriate. Please note that these positions are intended for research in Tokyo.
Researchers and fellows should bring with them all data which are required for them to conduct their research. ADBI does not normally provide additional funding to cover fieldwork expenses outside Tokyo associated with the selected research topics.
During their stay in Tokyo, Visiting Researchers and Visiting Fellows will receive an honorarium at internationally competitive rates plus accommodation and subsistence allowances. 
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