PhD Scholarships at UNU-IIST

The International Institute for Software Technology of the United Nations University (UNU-IIST) offers PhD Programmes open to candidates from developing countries. The Programmes, based in Macao SAR China, are conducted in partnership with prestigious universities in industrialised countries.

PhD candidates are requested to spend a period of time at the partner university. The PhD degree is issued by the partner university. A joint PhD programme in partnership with the University of Pisa is currently active. Joint PhD Programmes with other universities are under negotiation.

Before applying you should browse the websites of UNU-IIST and the partner university to identify the people with whom you would like to carry out your research. In particular, you are encouraged to contact in advance the UNU-IIST academic staff you expect to be your main PhD advisor.
You are encouraged to include in your CV extensive information about your background and clearly define in your research statement the area in which you are interested to do research.

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