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IMDEA ("Instituto MadrileƱo de Estudios Avanzados" - Madrid Institute for Advanced Studies) is the new institutional framework established by the Government of the Region of Madrid (Spain) to effectively combine and increase both public and private support for research of excellence in the region. 

IMDEA comprises a network of research institutes in areas of high economic impact, including: energy, food sciences, materials, nanotechnology, networks, social sciences, software, and water.

AMAROUT Europe is a Marie Curie Action (PEOPLE-COFUND) to foster and consolidate the European Research Area by attracting to Europe and, in particular, to the region of Madrid (Spain) top research talent. AMAROUT contributes with IMDEA to turning Madrid into one of the top knowledge generation regions in Europe. To accomplish this, from 2009 to 2013, the AMAROUT program will finance up to 132 researchers to join the IMDEA network of research institutes for one year (renewable up to twice).

Both "experienced" and "very experienced" researchers from any country (worldwide) can apply for AMAROUT fellowships at any of the eight IMDEA Institutes participating in the programme (Software, Energy, Food, Materials, Nanoscience, Networks, Water, and Social Science) in one of the following two mobility types: "incoming" and "reintegration".

* "Experienced" fellows must have at least 4 years of research experience (full time) and a doctorate. (Only exceptionally applicants without a doctorate will be considered as eligible candidates.)
* "Very experienced" fellows must have more than 10 years research experience and occupy a position at the research leader level (e.g., Professor).
* "Incoming" fellows must be non-nationals/non-residents from Member States or Associated Countries.
* "Re-integration" fellows must be nationals from Member State or Associated Countries having carried out research in a Third Country for at least 3 years.

The average level of gross annual salary received by AMAROUT fellows is as follows:

* Experienced fellows: 48,775 euros
* Very experienced fellows: 76,667 euros

The final level of the fellowship depends on the experience of the fellow and on the particular IMDEA Institute.

AMAROUT fellows will enjoy the rights and benefits provided by the Spanish Social Security System, including: full health-care coverage, state pension, unemployment compensation, and maternity/paternity leave.

The main AMAROUT selection criteria is the candidate's demonstrated ability and commitment to research, as well as the match of experience and interests with the research theme and lines of the IMDEA Institute chosen by the candidate. Each candidate's merits shall be judged quantitatively as well as qualitatively. More specifically, the following criteria are considered:

* Applicant's CV: research experience, publications, skills and competences, impact and benefit of this fellowship in his/her research career, consequences of this mobility in his/her career. Candidates with career breaks or variations in the chronological sequence of career steps are welcome.
* Applicant's project: scientific/technological quality, originality, methodology, feasibility, relevance, and potential scientific impact within this Institute. Proposals that include unethical aspects or that inadequately deal with ethical aspects will be rejected. More specifically, FP7 rules on ethical issues will be followed.

Candidates will not be discriminated on the basis of gender, age, ethnic, national or social origin, religion or belief, sexual orientation, language, disability, political opinion and social or economic condition.
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