NRF (Clean Energy) PhD Scholarships

Clean Energy with emphasis on solar energy, which has been identified as a key growth area for Singapore. With the growing global expansion of the Clean Energy industry, Singapore is well-placed to take the lead in this industry as an R&D base and as a provider of Clean Energy technologies and solutions.

To expand Clean Energy R&D and grow the industry, there is a need to increase the Clean Energy manpower base in Singapore. Graduate scholarships is one of the strategies of the Clean Energy Programme Office (CEPO) to generate specialist manpower for the Clean Energy sector. This specialist manpower will build up local research capabilities and provide a source of research leaders in key CEPO areas.
To build up local research capability and groom research leaders in key Clean Energy areas.
CEPO is providing the following scholarships in these areas:

NRF (Clean Energy) PhD Scholarships
Coverage and Disciplines of StudyThe NRF (Clean Energy) PhD Scholarships offer support for up to four years of academic pursuit, leading to a PhD in related disciplines such as Electrical Engineering, Materials Science or Engineering, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Environmental Science or Engineering, Civil Engineering and Mechanical Engineering.

NRF (Clean Energy) Company Scholarships
ObjectivesThis scheme allows for CEPO and companies to jointly fund local scholarships for Clean Energy Research and Coursework Masters and PhDs. The scheme will help to ensure an adequate supply of CE trained postgraduates for companies as they expand their businesses. 
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