OHCHR Call For Proposal on Contemporary Forms of Slavery

The Fund was established by the General Assembly in 1991 with the purpose to provide, through established channels of assistance, humanitarian, legal and financial aid to individuals who are victims of contemporary forms of slavery.

The Fund focuses particularly on individuals who suffer from the most severe forms of human rights violations occurring in the context of slavery, as well as the most identifiable contemporary forms of slavery – chattel slavery, debt bondage, human trafficking, serfdom, child labour and servitude, forced labour, and/or forced marriage.
The distinctive value of the Fund is its ability to provide concrete assistance to the victims of contemporary forms of slavery including housing, legal aid, psycho-social support, food, medical care, training and sustainable sources of incomes.
Previous projects undertaken with the Fund’s grants include medical, psychological, education and housing assistance aid for women and girls victims of forced marriages in the Middle East region, vocational training to victims of human trafficking for sexual and economic exploitation in the African region; support to rehabilitation centers for sexually and physically abused street children in the Latin American region, support for children used as jockey camels and projects to identify and release bonded labourers in the agriculture, carpet and construction industries. The Fund bridges the gaps not addressed by other UN programmes and has a dynamic and integrated approach. 
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