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The Toyota Foundation is dividing its grant programs into five broad categories. Categories are further subdivided into themes and issues on which research will be conducted. Please be advised that application periods and activation dates differ from program to program. There are no restrictions based on nationality or affiliation.

Asian Neighbors Network Program
This program, operating under the theme "Toward Community Formation Based on Mutual Reliance and Collaboration" and embracing the perspectives of relationships with nature and relationships with people, solicits proposals for practical projects aimed at resolving challenges that face communities in Asia. Three project areas have been established: (1) relationships with nature, (2) culture, and (3) social systems.
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Preservation, Utilization, and Transmission of Indigenous Documents in Asia (Special Subject)
Under the Asian Neighbors Program Special Subject, "Preservation, Utilization, and Transmission of Indigenous Documents in Asia," the term "indigenous documents" applies to all handwritten materials chronicling the histories, customs, or worldviews of people in Asia.

Research Grant Program
Devoted to the basic theme “The Search for the Richness of Human Life and Activity”, the Research Grant Program solicits proposals for creative and socially meaningful research projects that mesh with this theme. Especially, amid ongoing specialization and segmentation of disparate fields of research, this program supports research incorporating the sort of cross-disciplinary vision that produces organic interaction and leads to synthesis.

Under the basic theme of "Forming a Sustainable Framework Within the Locality: Toward a New Community of Self-support and Symbiosis," this program supports ambitious projects with local residents as the main actors creating frameworks that will lead to concrete solutions to issues their communities face in the course of their revitalization and advancement. 

Southeast Asian Studies Regional Exchange Program (SEASREP)
This human resource development program supports research on Southeast Asia by Southeast Asians. The program is planned and administered by the SEASREP Foundation.
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