Conservation International Indigenous Leaders Conservation Fellowship

The Indigenous Leaders Conservation Fellowship is sponsored by Conservation International to create opportunities for leaders and scholars from indigenous and traditional peoples communities and organizations to explore solutions to the impacts of climate change and the threats to ecosystems and biodiversity that are affecting their lands, communities and livelihoods.
The program will focus on supporting the fellow’s research and demonstration of the contribution of traditional knowledge in adapting to climate change and maintaining healthy ecosystems, and how that knowledge can work with science and new technologies to influence policy and action.
This year-long fellowship will be offered to four candidates. Two fellowships will be awarded within the topic of Biodiversity, and two within the topic of Climate Change.

The fellows will design research projects and produce reports about the potential contributions of their communities/organizations to biodiversity conservation plans and policies and strategies for climate change mitigation and adaptation. Each research project must incorporate the contribution of traditional knowledge and practices. To accomplish this research project, each fellow will work directly with her/his own community or local indigenous /traditional organization. 
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