HIV Young Leaders Fund

The HIV Young Leaders Fund is seeking grant proposals for its cycle of funding from organizations working to address the needs of young people most-affected by HIV.

The goal of the HIV Young Leaders Fund small grants program is to enable new leadership in the HIV response among young people most-affected by HIV, including young people living with HIV. Young leaders and youth networks drive the funding priorities and governance of the HIV Young Leaders Fund.
The HIV Young Leaders Fund supports organizations and projects serving young people most-at-risk of HIV in their community and/or young people living with HIV. The Fund has two tracts – one for Core Funding and one for Project Funding. Key activities supported by the Fund:
  • Local, national, regional or international HIV advocacy. For example: Advocacy to make harm-reduction services for drug users available to young people 18 and under, working with health clinics to change their hours so more young women can use them, or asking the National AIDS Council to create prevention programs for young gay men.
  • Local peer-based HIV services. For example: Starting or maintaining a support group for young people living with HIV, a project that helps street children get health care, or HIV treatment and prevention education for young sex workers.
  • Local community mobilization. For example: Creating a coalition to address stigma in public schools towards young people living with HIV or organizing a group of young people into a treatment activism network.
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