International Pfeffer and MLK Peace Prizes

The Martin Luther King Jr. Award was established by FOR in 1979 to recognize unheralded persons or groups working in the United States in the tradition of Martin Luther King, Jr. Dr. King was very involved with FOR, and was serving as a member of the Advisory Council at the time of his death. The award honors those who make a significant contribution to the furtherance of Dr. King’s nonviolent approach to transforming racial, economic, and social injustice.

The International Pfeffer Peace Prize was established in 1989 by Leo and Freda Pfeffer to particularly honor those around the world working for peace and justice. Leo Pfeffer was the United States’ leading theoretician on religious liberty and the separation of Church and State, and he argued these constitutional issues before the Supreme Court. A long-time FOR member, Leo was a founding member of the Jewish Peace Fellowship. He died in 1993, but his legacy continues to contribute to a more peaceful society.
Each year the Fellowship of Reconciliation (FOR) awards two peace prizes to individuals or organizations whose commitment to peace, justice, and reconciliation is recognized as extraordinary. The awardees receive a cash prize and a commemorative scroll. FOR members and supporters are encouraged to submit nominations for the awards. 
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