World Food Prize

The World Food Prize is the foremost international award recognizing the accomplishments of individuals who have advanced human development by improving the quality, quantity, or availability of food in the world.
Nominations are sought of an individual or individuals having demonstrated exceptional achievement in any field involved in enhancing food production and distribution and increasing food availability and accessibility to those most in need. Any academic or research institution, private or public organization, corporate entity, or governmental unit may submit a nomination for The World Food Prize.
Submissions to The World Food Prize Secretariat (address below) should include:
  • Biographical information on the nominee(s);
  • A statement (800 words maximum) of the specific achievement that has significantly increased the quality, quantity, or availability of, or access to, food;
  • A statement documenting the impact of the achievement (800 words maximum) in terms of the number of people affected, geographical boundaries of the impact, and its effect over time in either enhancing health, nutrition and quality of life, or reducing levels of poverty, hunger and malnutrition;
  • Letter of nomination signed by the head of the nominating organization;
  • Two or more letters seconding the nomination from individuals familiar with the nominee’s work, but not associated with the nominating organization; and
  • Supporting documents consisting of articles describing the achievement and impact; and publications by or about the nominee that directly relate to the nomination.
  • Nominations should be sent in electronic form (Microsoft Office software, e.g., Word, Excel, or Adobe PDF) to the Secretariat. Entries may also be submitted on disk or CD-ROM to World Food Prize Secretariat at the address below. Nominations should arrive no later than April 1.
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