DFID-Development Innovation Fund

DFID’s White Paper, ‘Eliminating World Poverty: Building Our Common Future’, outlines DFID’s approach to working with civil society. It highlights the fact that DFID recognises that the work of governments alone will not be enough to eliminate world poverty and that to achieve further and faster poverty reduction, governments must work closely with citizens and civil society groups.
The White Paper states that over the next few years DFID will increase its work with organisations in the UK and overseas who play an important role in development. This will include groups with who do not currently benefit from DFID support. Many of these groups are involved in supporting very small scale, often localised activities which do not meet the criteria we have for our existing centrally managed civil society funding schemes, such as the Partnership Programme Arrangements (PPA) and Civil Society Challenge Fund (CSCF).
To address this, DFID has established a new funding stream aimed at community based organisations involved in providing specific small scale, one-off support that directly targets poverty in the developing world and includes a significant development awareness component in the UK. The Fund will be operational for an initial 16 months from 2010.
The Fund is intended to offer funding opportunities to not for profit organisations but is not intended to replace or overlap with other DFID funding mechanisms.
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