EcoHealth Awards

ECOHEALTH AWARDS for presentation at the Third Conference of the International Association for Ecology & Health August 18-20, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, London, UK

The International Association for Ecology & Health (IAEH) was formed in 2006. The Association's mission is to strive for sustainable health of people, wildlife, and ecosystems by promoting discovery, understanding and transdisciplinarity. The specific objectives of the Association toward this overarching mission are to:
  • serve a diverse international community, including scientists, educators, policy makers, practitioners and the general public;
  • provide mechanisms and forums to facilitate international and interdisciplinary discourse, such as publishing the journal EcoHealth, holding biennial conferences, and promoting additional activities in line with the mission;
  • encourage development of transdisciplinary teaching, research and problem-solving that cuts across many fields of scholarship (including natural, social, and health sciences as well as the humanities) and draws upon multiple types of knowledge.
The Association is pleased to announce two awards to be nominated and selected for announcement at the third biennial conference of the Association in London, UK, August 18-20, 2010:
Outstanding Contribution to the field of EcoHealth
Exceptional Early Career Contribution to the field of EcoHealth (nominees must be within 10 years of completion of their Ph.Ds).
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