Freedom to Create Grants

Freedom to Create is a movement of creative people who are changing the world. Freedom to Create practitioners are artists and development workers from around the globe, working and speaking out for social change, and using creativity to build the foundations of open societies.
Through our grant making Freedom to Create offers funding to projects that use the arts to create transformational change in the developing world. A wide range of art forms can be used and harnessed to educate, build, heal and inspire people - from educating communities on a particular issue, to inspiring people to change the status quo, to building capacity.In supporting such projects we believe we can affect our future and together work towards a more prosperous world.

The following requirements must be met to be considered for a Freedom to Create grant:
  • Projects must be run by a registered non-profit organisation
  • Projects must fall into one of our six sectors: Education, Health, Social Harmony, Urban Regeneration, Freedom to Create or Designs for Life
  • Projects must use an art form to educate, build, heal or inspire people
  • Projects must indicate how their results will be measured both quantitatively and qualitatively
  • The project itself must be located in a developing country, and is ideally a country most in need. To further assess whether your country may be eligible for funding
Our grant application process is highly competitive. As a guide, projects that demonstrate one or more of the following will be of particular interest to us:
  • Based in the worlds harshest places and least developed countries
  • A new approach to issues and challenges
  • Sustainable change
  • Ambitious ideas
  • Strong ways of measuring of the project's impact on society   

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