Freedom to Create Prize

The Freedom to Create Prize celebrates the power of art to fight oppression, break down stereotypes and build trust in societies where the social fabric has been ripped apart by conflict, violence and misunderstanding. History shows that prosperous societies are founded upon creativity. Societies that encourage artistic expression build strong foundations for economic, political and cultural development. They will lead tomorrow's world.
Established in 2008, the Freedom to Create Prize is a celebration of the courage and creativity of artists around the world who use their talents to promote social justice, build the foundations for open societies and inspire the human spirit. It is open to artists in all creative fields. Each year, US$125,000 in prize money is awarded across three categories: Main, Youth and Imprisoned Artist.
The US$125,000 Freedom to Create Prize celebrates the power of art to:
  1. Promote social justice
  2. Build the foundations for an open society
  3. Inspire the human spirit

There are three categories: Main Prize, Youth Prize and Imprisoned Artist Prize.

The Prize encompasses all forms of art in any creative field and is open to any individual or group of any gender, religion or nationality. Entries may be of a single piece of work or a body of work. Past applicants can enter again but must submit a different piece of art from a different body of work.

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Contact Email: info@freedomtocreateprize.com

Moreinfo: http://www.freedomtocreate.com/prize.asp

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