UNESCO Call for Proposal: The Power of Peace Network

The United Nations Educational, Science and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), and in particular the Division for Freedom of Expression, Democracy and Peace in the Communication and Information Sector, is currently conducting a call for project proposals under the framework of The Power of Peace Network (PPN).

The PPN encourages initiatives which promote peace and dialogue amongst different groups, different schools from different countries or regions, different communities and organizations from different point of views. The PPN also plays off the idea of “retelling the stories which connects us all”.

The PPN had held two Global Forums (Bali, 2007 and Bangkok, 2009) to great successes, attracting activists, academics, students, governments, non-profits, and others who are interested in the promotion of peace and dialogue. Following the forums were a lot of behind-the-scene work including improving the PPN website (http://thepowerofpeacenetwork.com ) and the launching of the Centre of Conflict-Sensitive Reporting in Rhodes University in South Africa.

With the aim of furthering the goals and objectives of the PPN and to shift gear to the next phase of development, we invite you to submit funding proposal(s) for projects related to promotion of peace and dialogue. Projects shall have specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time bound objectives and be operationally, technically and financially feasible.
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