Scholarships at The University of Western Australia

Applications are invited from suitably qualified international students for scholarships to undertake the degree of Master by Research or Doctor of Philosophy at The University of Western Australia.

The purpose of the IPRS and the UWA SIRF scheme is to attract top quality international postgraduate students to areas in which the University has specialised research strengths and to support Australia's research effort. Successful applicants can expect to become members of a research team working under the direction of senior researchers and in an area which has attracted external resources.

Applications for international postgraduate research scholarships at UWA are rated according to the following criteria: (a) Academic achievement; (b) English language achievement; (c) Research training achievement; and (d) Proposed research environment. Allocation of scholarships is the outcome of a competitive ranking and selection process in which applications are scored and ranked by Schools, Faculties and the University Scholarships Committee, according to these common criteria and on the basis of evidence provided.

  • International Postgraduate Research Scholarships (IPRS) and Scholarships for International Research Fees (SIRF)
  • UWA Safety Net Top-Up Scholarships for IPRS awardees
  • SIRF Safety Net Top-Up Scholarships for SIRF awardees
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