AFPF Fellowships

The Alfred Friendly Press Fellowships (AFPF), an American non-profit, non-governmental organization, is a cultural and professional exchange program for journalists. Through AFPF, journalists and their readers gain a broader view of the world and journalism thereby creating mutual understanding and peaceful relations between Americans and people of other nations. Fellows return home with new journalistic skills and knowledge, and a desire to advance a free, responsible press in their own countries–without which democracy does not exist.
Since 1984, the core program has provided developing world journalists the opportunity to work as reporters at American newspapers for five months. The program, which runs from mid-March to early September, is offered annually to print and online journalists between the ages of 25 and 35.
While in the U.S., Fellows spend the majority of their time reporting for their American host newspapers but are also encouraged to attend conferences and workshops, read journalism books, and make short-term professional visits to organizations that are relevant to their work at home. Special AFPF seminars are organized for the Fellows at the beginning, middle and end of the program. Upon returning home, Fellows organize and lead seminars based on the knowledge and skills gained through their AFPF experiences.
In the last five years we have refined the program for increased journalistic and cross-cultural impact by expanding the enrichment activities we offer to our international Fellows, creating partnerships, hosting forums, sending American journalists overseas to conduct training and requiring the Fellows to conduct journalism seminars upon returning home.
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