Ashden Awards

The Ashden Awards bring to light inspiring sustainable energy solutions in the UK and developing world and help ensure that they are spread more widely. From an entrepreneur rolling out solar power across rural India to a school adopting clean energy and green learning in England, our winners are passionate about bringing change to their communities and the planet.
Since we were set up in 2001 we've helped more than 100 innovative projects develop their work. Today the Awards are an internationally recognised yardstick for excellence in the field of sustainable energy.
At the heart of the Ashden Awards is a rigorous judging process culminating in a prestigious ceremony in London where prizes are presented to winners from all corners of the globe to help further their work.
But our awards are not just about handing over a prize: they're part of a broader process that's designed to last — sharing knowledge, passing on experience and offering advice and support where it’s wanted.
Throughout the year we hold up our winners as shining examples of green energy in practice. We bring them to a wider audience through the international media, seminars and presentations and we introduce them to influential people and organisations to help change their thinking and policy.
With these activities and the Ashden Schools Resource, we're finding effective ways to inspire others to adopt sustainable energy solutions.
When it comes to developing cleaner, sustainable energy solutions, some of the most ingenious and practical ideas are coming out of communities in the developing world.
Every year, enterprises in Africa, Asia and Latin America apply for our awards and win the chance to bring their sustainable energy solutions into the international arena.
We look for schemes that are technically rigorous, have an element of innovation and — most importantly — make a genuine difference to local peoples’ lives, both socially and economically. Many are doing this by boosting local peoples’ income, providing employment or training, installing lighting for schoolwork and even improving women’s status in their community.
An Ashden International Award brings:
  • An Award prize of £20,000 or £40,000 for expanding your work.
  • Kudos of winning a prestigious Ashden Award.
  • A short, broadcast-quality documentary film of your Award-winning work.
  • Presentations and films of your work shown to a large and influential audience at the ceremony and conference.
  • National and international publicity.
  • Tailored support to help the Award-winning work go further, including introductions to grant,carbon and investment finance.
  • Membership of the network of Ashden Award-winners, who are all leading practitioners in local, sustainable energy.
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