JWF Fund

The Japan Water Forum (JWF) is pleased to invite grass-roots organizations in developing countries to apply for the Japan Water Forum Fund. We are looking forward to receiving your applications.

What kind of grass-roots activities can be awarded the grants?
"Grass-roots activities" are activities planned and faithfully implemented by grass-roots organizations to bring about an appreciable improvement upon the current water and sanitation issues. These activities include various activities such as:
- Introduction of rainwater-harvesting tanks, ponds, digging wells;
- Development of small scale water supply systems;
- Building new toilets and upgrading existing sanitation facilities;
- Prevention of water-related disasters;
- Establishment and encouragement of water-efficient irrigation;
- Solving gender issues;
- Aquatic environment restoration activities.
*It is highly suggested that proposed activities include capacity-building/ awareness-raising programs.
*If your activity is only capacity-building/ awareness-raising program, it may not be selected.
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