Erasmus Mundus-EMSRHS Scholarships

European Master in Sustainable Regional Health Systems aims to fill the gap in Health Management by approaching the theme of health system management and planning on a regional level. This Master promotes the benchmarking of the different health system models helping to construct the comprehensive health system management and planning, including both, health care and promotion, as well as the interrelation between health and socio-economic areas.

It aims to spread out the European model of health promotion and health planning, sustainability and the role of health system in social cohesion and strengthening of social capital. At the end of the Masters Course the students will graduate with Joint Master’s degree awarded by all Consortium universities and can work as middle and upper level managers in hospitals and health services as well as in regional and national administrative bodies related to public health planning and management in diverse sectors: health insurance, health financing, strategic planning, etc.

Non-EU student (Category A):
  • Contribution to travel, installation and any other type of costs: € 8000
  • Maximum contribution to the EMMC participation costs (including insurance coverage): € 4000 / semester
  • Monthly allowance: € 1000 / month

If you are an EU student inside the EU (Category B):
  • Maximum contribution to the EMMC participation costs (including insurance coverage):€ 2000 / semester
  • Monthly allowance: € 500 / month
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