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International Master in Early Childhood Education and Care (IMEC) is a two-year international Master Programme (120 ECTS) in Early Childhood Education and Care. All students will follow a given structure, spending at least one semester at all three partner institutions.

IMEC is offered in cooperation between Oslo University College (Norway), University of Malta (Malta), and Dublin Institute of Technology (Ireland). The target groups are teachers, educators, counselors, leaders or other groups who work with education and development issues in preschool and primary school, within central or local government or in private enterprises.

The aim of the programme is to integrate research, professional development and wareness and knowledge of key policy issues at an advanced level by increasing mobility, shared learning and thinking, thus contributing to achieve the goal of a unified teaching, learning and research environment, strengthening the Bologna process.

* To integrate research, professional development and policy at an advanced level within the field of early childhood education and care.
* To gain knowledge of the tension between general policy targets, the increasing diversity of family structures and the need to strengthen children's right as citizens.
* To bridge the gap between quality provision and the lack of higher education and research within the field of early childhood education and care.
* To explore the increasing pressure on early education and care systems arising from socio-economic and socio-cultural transformations, to focus not only on educational institutions but on children's early learning in a broad variety of formal and informal learning contexts.
* To foster critical awareness of cultural and individual diversity from a political and professional perspective.

What does the course qualify for?
On successful completion of International Master in Early Childhood Education and Care, the students will be awarded a joint Master degree in Early Childhood Education and Care. (120 ECTS credits) signed and recognized by all three partners: Oslo University College (Norway), Dublin Institute of Technology (Ireland) and University of Malta (Malta).

The course qualifies for teaching, research and leadership within the educational sector and for work involving early childhood educational issues in public or private institutions. Potential professional or academic careers are decision-making and policy making functions in public administration bodies such as ministries and municipalities, leading positions within child care and primary school systems, social service, develop bachelor programmes in early childhood education and care (ECEC) in target countries, teach bachelor programmes in ECEC, work with children’s rights organizations, carry out research consulting assignments (mostly for NGOs).
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