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MESPOM is an Erasmus Mundus Masters course in Environmental Sciences, Policy and Management operated by four leading European and two North American Universities and supported by the European Commission. MESPOM prepares students for identifying and implementing solutions to complex environmental challenges, especially in an international context.

The MESPOM study programme is in English and lasts two years. The students study in at least three out of six consortium universities: the International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics at Lund University (Sweden), the University of Manchester (UK), Central European University (Budapest), the University of the Aegean (Lesvos, Greece), Middlebury College and its affiliate Monterey Institute for International Studies (MIIS) (USA), and the University of Saskatchewan (UoS) (Canada).

MESPOM invites applications from all countries. Successful candidates must have a good first degree in a subject related to environmental sciences, policy and management such as biology, geography, other earth sciences, civil engineering, urban or landscape planning, resource economics or specialised disciplines (environmental engineering, environmental management, environmental economics, environmental policy). Candidates with other first degrees are also considered if they show commitment to environmental careers, usually through work experience. Admission is based on the academic and intellectual excellence of applicants as well as their motivation and prior experience. All candidates should demonstrate proficiency in English. In order to create a multicultural learning environment, the Consortium strives to achieve a balance between various geographic and disciplinary backgrounds of MESPOM students.

Applicants to MESPOM must have earned a first (Bachelor’s or equivalent) degree (not less than 3 years of full-time studies) from a recognized university or institution of higher education, or provide documentation indicating that they will earn their first degree from such an institution by the time of enrolling in MESPOM.

Applicants must demonstrate proficiency in English. Those applicants whose first language is not English must submit standardized English language test scores, e.g., the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL).
Students taking TOEFL should request a copy of their results to be sent to the CEU Admissions Office. The CEU test code is 0069. Other substitute tests of English language are noted below.
Minimum Test Scores Required by MESPOM
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