The Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization (SEAMEO) is an international organization, established in 1965, to promote cooperation in education, science and culture in Southeast Asia. SEAMEO works towards achieving this through the establishment of networks and partnerships, provision of intellectual forums for policy makers and experts, and promotion of sustainable human resource development.

SEAMEO develops and nurtures the capacities of education personnel, school managers and teachers in Southeast Asia through its network of 19 specialist SEAMEO Regional Centres that undertake training and research programmes in various fields of education, science and culture.

The SEAMEO Songwriting Competition (SSC) is a search for that passionate songwriter who could put the SEAMEO spirit of cooperation into words and melody. The SEAMEO hymn will symbolize the unity of the Southeast Asian nations in the promotion of cooperation in education, science and culture in the region. The song will echo the aspiration of the SEAMEO forebears; and will serve as the SEAMEO anthem in the gatherings and events of the Organization. The Competition Guidelines

* Entries must not be more than 4 minutes in length. Lyrics should be in the English language.
* Entries could be of any tempo but the speed should be at 80 beat per minute or more.
* SSC accepts music script (lyrics and melody) and recorded version of the songs in WAV or mp3 format. The recorded version is most preferred for it makes it easy for the panel of judges to understand the melody with the musical accompaniment.

Five finalists will receive a cash prize of USD 1,000 each. The winner will be awarded with additional cash prize of USD 2,000.

SEAMEO-Australia Press Award
The Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization (SEAMEO) announces the 2010 SEAMEO-Australia Press Award Contest under the theme "Innovation in Education".

We are proud to invite you to join this multinational contest that encourages reporting and documentation of new and bright ideas and practices that improve education in your local community, your country or the Southeast Asian region. The contest was initiated 10 years ago and continues to expand and improve with each successive year.

In keeping with our commitment to expand each year, the Contest Rules have been extended to include not only professional journalists, but also student journalists, and education communicators. Also, Contest Articles may include both previously published and never-before-published articles.

Suggested areas of initiatives/topics may be one or more, or any combination, of the following:

1. Administration of education;
2. Participation in the education process by parents, students, community organizations or businesses;
3. Delivery of formal, non-formal and informal education at all levels;
4. Human resource development and management within education institutions; and/or
5. Unique cross-border or multinational education projects.

The Contest winner must be willing and available to participate in and complete the three-week journalism internship at Melbourne Age Newspaper in Melbourne, Australia,

SEAMEO-Jasper Research Award
The SEAMEO Jasper Research Award was established in 1990 with the support of the Government of Canada as a way of recognizing exemplary research conducted in the region by Southeast Asian nationals. The yearly Award aims to encourage young scholars to conduct researches on a relevant theme on social development in Southeast Asia and to facilitate continued interaction and knowledge-sharing among Southeast Asian and Canadian researchers.
Theme: Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) in Southeast Asia

Thematic Strands:

  • Promoting children’s rights to education and early childhood care and education;
  • Improving access to early childhood care and education, especially for the vulnerable and disadvantaged children;
  • Appreciating cultural diversity in the provision of ECCE services;
  • Improving quality of ECCE services; and
  • Improving regulating mechanism and standard-setting framework;
  • The winner also receives a travel fellowship to disseminate results of the winning research in relevant Canadian training and research institutions. The fellowship includes 8-day travel expenses to Canada (inclusive of travel time).

SEAMEO Drawing Competition
The SEAMEO Drawing Competition aims to raise awareness and understanding on the difficulty of the unreached population groups and their need to access quality education. The Competition provides opportunity for Southeast Asian children to express their concern and share their vision on this important theme by demonstrating their creativity through drawing.

This SEAMEO Drawing Competition consists of 2 categories:
1. Hand drawing
2. Drawing using any computer software (Computer Drawing)
Theme:The theme for both categories is "Education to Reach the Unreached"
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