UN Citizen Ambassadors Video Contest

One winning entry will be selected per regional group of the UN General Assembly: African States; Asian States; Eastern European States; Latin American and Caribbean States; and Western European and other States, plus one winner representing the host country of the contest, the United States of America, for a total of six winning videos.

How To Enter The Contest
1. Read the contest Terms and Conditions
2. Research the Millennium Development Goals
3. Choose one of following three options as the topic of your video:
  • Why are the Millennium Development Goals important to you and your family?
  • What is your community, city or country doing to achieve the Millennium Development Goals?
  • How can the international community better work together to achieve the Millennium Development Goals?
4. Watch the Call-for-Entries videos on YouTube
5. Click in the comments box directly below the video
6. On the right of the box you will see an icon with a "Attach a video" link - click here
7. At the top you should see the following text: "You are posting a Video Response to: [Name] invites you to be a Citizen Ambassador to the UN"
8. Click "Choose a video" to select a video you have already uploaded, or click "Upload a video" to upload a new video.
9. Your video will require approval by a moderator, so please be patient while we finalize your submission.
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