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The Melbourne Forum organised by the Global Dialogue Foundation (GDF) under the auspices of  the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations, will showcase some of the most innovative and successful grassroots  initiatives aimed at promoting mutual understanding among people and cultures in the Asia-Pacific Region.

This event will be held in the presence of business and political leaders, policy makers, influential civil society
leaders, media, heads of religious communities and academics. The Global Dialogue Foundation is looking for long-term partnerships with creative grassroots projects that drive change by:
  1. contributing to mutual understanding among diverse communities and cultures;
  2.  helping to overcome cultural, religious, and ethnic tensions;
  3.  building peace
Applications : Civil society organisations are invited to submit their Essay Application by 15 September, by email to info@globaldialoguefoundation.org
Your essay should be clear, concise and persuasive and written in english. It should be no longer than 300 words and should include the objectives, key elements, starting date and expected outcomes of your project for the next three  years. Describe what your project does and what it needs most in order to develop, be replicated and scaled up (i.e., do you need more funding, publicity, connection with policy makers?).
Please include your organisation’s name, location, website, telephone number, email address.
The theme of the Forum is “Bridging Cultures, Building Peace”. Therefore, some suggested themes are as
  • Promoting cultural diversity in society;
  • Encouraging mutual understanding between people of religions, faiths and traditional faiths;
  • Fostering integration of migrants in urban and rural areas;
  • Advancing cultural understanding through education;
  • Championing youth in furthering dialogue and cooperation among cultures;
  • Using technology to facilitate intercultural understanding.
Representatives of these organisations will be invited to the Forum. There is no registration fee. They will have an opportunity to present their initiatives to a local and international audience. Further benefits include a certificate issued by the Global Dialogue Foundation and the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations, international networking support and an opportunity for review by professional financial advisers.
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