View Change Film Contest

ViewChangeFilmContest.org is launching an online competition to find powerful new stories about the progress being made in achieving the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). These short videos will be used to raise awareness, inspire action, and accelerate the worldwide movement to reduce extreme poverty by 2015.

We want professional filmmakers, amateurs, and experts in the field to show us the personal stories behind these global targets. Whether your film is a documentary, short drama, music video, or animation, we're looking for stories that show how development efforts are helping the world's poorest people to improve their lives.

There are six categories (listed below). To encourage a variety of submissions, we're offering a $20,000 Grand Prize for the overall winner, plus $5,000 to the winner of each category. Online voters will help determine the finalists in each category. Winners will be chosen by a distinguished panel of judges from many fields, including actor and UN Ambassador Danny Glover and US Senator Daniel K. Inouye. Best of all, the videos of winners and finalists will be broadcast on Link TV and other television channels worldwide, and be available for high-quality streaming at ViewChange

We want powerful five-minute films that tell stories of progress in developing countries. What are people doing to help end poverty, disease, hunger, conflict, inequality, and illiteracy? Show us the progress being made towards achieving the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Your film can win the $20,000 Grand Prize, be shown on Link TV and other TV channels worldwide, and can inspire action and change!

You may enter in six categories:
•Leadership & Governance
•Local/Global Partnerships
•Overcoming Conflict
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