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The modern world is a challenging place for foresters. Trends an ocean away can impact local forest management, and foresters find that in this age of globalization, their role as land stewards has evolved from specialist to generalist, from purely local to international. Decisions must be weighed socially, economically and environmentally. WORLD FOREST INSTITUTE (WFI)'s programs and conferences offer a unique and exciting opportunity for forestry professionals to gain the broader perspectives, connections and skill set demanded by this era of change.

Our International Fellowship program offers professionals a six to twelve month sabbatical to network with US forestry professionals and to learn from, and exchange ideas on a wide variety of forestry issues. Our conferences bring investors, businesses, conservationists, scientists and land owners together to discuss the rapidly evolving arena of forestland ownership and the impact of those shifts

The WFI Fellowship Program brings forestry and forest products professionals from around the world to work at the World Forest Institute for 6 to 12 months. Over 80 Fellows from 25 countries have participated in the program.

The Fellowship Program offers participants many opportunities, such as:

  • Conducting studies in the Pacific Northwest related to forestry
  • Meeting with many different forestry organizations and corporations
  • Building a network of forestry contacts, and
  • Promoting the dissemination and exchange of information regarding global forest resources and their utilization
Fellows leave the program with a solid understanding of how the US forestry sector operates and who the key players are. Additionally, Fellows gain invaluable cultural experience and English language skills. The Fellowship is a Blend of Research, Networking, and Cultural Exchange
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