Erasmus Mundus - EMSRHS Scholarships

European Master in Sustainable Regional Health Systems aims to fill the gap in Health Management by approaching the theme of health system management and planning on a regional level. This Master promotes the benchmarking of the different health system models helping to construct the comprehensive health system management and planning, including both, health care and promotion, as well as the interrelation between health and socio-economic areas. It aims to spread out the European model of health promotion and health planning, sustainability and the role of health system in social cohesion and strengthening of social capital.

  • A university degree in Sociology, Psychology, Law, Political Science, Anthropology, History, Medicine, Social Work, Social Education, Nursing, Public Health etc, that they want to specialize in the scope of the health.
  • Candidates are required to have a recognized qualification in the language of instruction of the university that they plan to attend. Knowledge of languages of the place of study is an asset.
  • A sufficient score of one of the following English language certificates (TOEFL, First Certificate, IELTS).
  • Statement of intent. Applicants must submit a statement of intent indicating why the Master’s is relevant for future carrier.
Non-EU student (Category A):
  • Contribution to travel, installation and any other type of costs: € 8000
  • Maximum contribution to the EMMC participation costs (including insurance coverage):
  • € 4000 / semester
  • Monthly allowance: € 1000 / month
If you are an EU student inside the EU (Category B):
  • Maximum contribution to the EMMC participation costs (including insurance coverage):
  • € 2000 / semester
  •  Monthly allowance: € 500 / month
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