ALGANT-DOC - Algebra, Geometry and Number Theory Joint Doctorate

The ALGANT-DOC doctoral programme, set up by the ALGANT consortium, is a collaborative scheme creating ideal conditions for the production of high level research in pure mathematics, leading to a double and/or joint doctor degree, prepared under joint supervision at a minimum of two partner institutions. With ALGANT-DOC, the doctoral candidates will acquire the expertise and skills needed to pursue a career at the highest academic level.

ALGANT-DOC is among the 13 joint doctoral programmes, which have been selected in 2009 by the European Commission (out of 135 applications), in the frame of the second phase of the Erasmus Mundus programme. The ALGANT-DOC joint doctoral programme was established after the positive experience of the integrated Erasmus Mundus Masters Course in Algebra, Geometry and Number theory. 

The programme is a collaborative scheme creating ideal conditions for the production of high-level research under joint supervision at, at least, two partner institutions among the universities of Bordeaux, Chennai, Leiden, Milan, Montreal, Padua and Paris Sud.  upervision will be provided by staff who are very active in research and the doctoral candidates will profit from the many links staff enjoy with research centres throughout the world. Research activities will be carried out in well-equipped and welcoming facilities. 

The mathematics departments and doctoral schools, which will host the doctoral candidates organise regular seminars and conferences specifically aimed at young researchers. Doctoral candidates who will have successfully completed the programme will be awarded a double degree, and/or a joint degree composed of two nationally recognised doctoral degrees issued by two consortium institutions, completed by a diploma supplement.
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