EMJD-GEM - Erasmus Mundus Joint Doctorate on “Globalization, Europe & Multilateralism"

The Erasmus Mundus Joint Doctorate on “Globalisation, the EU, and Multilateralism” (EMJD-GEM) seeks to formulate a distinctively European response to the challenges facing the contemporary global system. With this in mind, a unique set of 9 leading research institutions from across the globe have been brought together. Besides the coordinating Institut d’Etudes Européennes at the Université Libre de Bruxelles (IEE-ULB), itself a Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence; the EMJD-GEM consortium includes two more centres of excellence in EU studies – the Institut Européen at the Université de Genève (UNIGE) and the Centre for European Studies at Fudan University in Shanghai; as well as three major Political Science departments – PAIS at the University of Warwick, IAPS at Waseda University in Tokyo, and the Political Theory Faculty at the LUISS in Rome. Furthermore, the consortium also includes three distinguished associated institutions, namely Boston University in the US; UNU-Cris in Bruges, and ITAM in Mexico.

First and foremost, the GEM PhD School is a bridging exercise between various disciplines within the Social Sciences, most notably: Political Theory, Comparative Politics, International Relations, EU and other Area Studies. Above all, the program seeks to foster an innovative and mutually-beneficial dialogue between IR and EU Studies. The GEM PhD School will thus answer a growing call for international doctoral programs characterized by their excellence, their inter-disciplinarity, and their networked nature. As an organizing principle behind the research accomplished within EMJD-GEM; and with an eye on each partner institution’s relative strengths; three Jointly Executed Research Projects (Jerps), have been identified. These 3 overarching Jerps provide the programme with its overall structure:
JERP 1: MORGANITE - Coordinated by the IEE-ULB “Multilateral Organizations, Regionalism, and global Governance: Institutions and The EU”
JERP 2: CITRINE: - Coordinated by the University of Warwick

“Cooperation shaping International & Transnational Regulatory Interests & the Role of the EU”
• JERP 3: AMETRINE – Coordinated by the LUISS
“Analysis of Multilateral, European and other Regional Initiatives as Normative Endeavors“ 

As a doctoral program, the GEM PhD School is at the cross-roads between research and teaching. For one, the EMJD-GEM consortium will guarantee the recognition of their integrated programs and award a double degree following the completion of a jointly supervised doctoral dissertation. Mobility is the program’s second salient feature. During their three year doctoral fellowship each doctoral student will be awarded a visiting research fellowship within a second partner HEI besides their first HEI of enrolment. Also, the existing annual GARNET PhD seminars on "Global Governance, Regionalism & the EU" are integrated within the programme thus providing a further academic resource to all associated researchers. Finally, the GEM PhD School also offers a set of specialized methodological and theoretical doctoral courses – on offer in both English and French – aimed at providing all enrolled candidates with a shared, yet flexible and outstanding formative curriculum.
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