Front Line Small Grants and Fellowships

Grants are given for the specific purpose of strengthening the security and protection of human rights defenders. Grants are for amounts up to a maximum of €6,000.

Examples of grants provided
Serbia: €800.00 for secure transport to meetings and to court by taxi for a human rights defender.
Belarus: €1316 for steel door, intercom system and surveillance cameras for human rights organisation.
Colombia: €3840 for rest and respite for a woman human rights defender.
India: €1500 for legal fees for 5 human rights defenders.
Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC): €1278 for the the temporary relocation for 3 months of a woman human rights defender and her family following threats from an armed opposition group.
Middle East: €3800, setting up a safe house for journalists and human rights defenders at risk due to their human rights work
Uzbekistan: €522, medical fees paid to five human rights defenders.
Central America: €5540 for communication and radio system, to help a LGBTI organisation communicate with members and to contact the police.

These are examples only. We ask you to apply for what you need to ensure the protection of human rights defenders at risk.

Front Line Fellowship
The purpose of the Fellowship program is to offer a possibility for human rights defenders at risk to take some time out from their normal work to undertake a project which will further develop their capacities and contribute to the protection of human rights defenders internationally.

Front Line Fellowships are offered on a flexible basis for periods of one to six months. The locations could include Dublin, Brussels or another location to be discussed.

Applicants should submit a letter addressing the following topics:

  • the candidate’s experience as a human rights defender and details of their current role;
  • details of any threats, harassment, detention, ill-treatment or other negative consequences faced as a result of the candidate’s human rights work;
  • a proposal of a project or skills to work on
  • topics the candidate would particularly like to study as part of the fellowship;
  • requested location and why (please explain why the suggested location is important for the success of the project)
  • - period of time required and why
  • - how the candidate will use the experience on the fellowship in their human rights work when they return home
  • - how participation will contribute to the strengthened protection of human rights defenders nationally/internationally.
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