The Global Poverty Action Fund

The Global Poverty Action Fund (GPAF) is a new fund which was launched on 27 October 2010. The GPAF will be a demand-led fund supporting projects focused on service delivery in support of poverty reduction and the most off-track Millennium Development Goals in poor countries. Projects will be selected on the basis of demonstrable impact on poverty, clarity of outputs and outcomes, and value for money.

There are 2 funding windows, the Innovation Window and the Impact Window. The criteria for the 2 windows are:

Innovation Window Impact Window
Proposed Value (estimated) 10% of GPAF (grants worth £4m agreed annually) 90% of GPAF (grants worth £36m agreed annually)
Purpose Poverty reduction, with innovation encouraged. 
Can be small scale service delivery, but emphasise learning to allow scaling up
Poverty reduction linked to MDGs.
Projects focused on off-track MDGs prioritised.
Risk appetite Medium – High risk: to encourage potentially higher rewards from ground-breaking work Low – Medium risk: lower risk for work at greater scale to deliver real benefits for poor people.
Geography (countries where projects can be set up) DFID focal countries plus the bottom 50 Human Development Index (HDI) countries. DFID focal countries plus the bottom 50 HDI countries.
Grant size Up to £250,000.
Annual value of grant less than 40% of CSO’s annual income.
Max 2 grants per CSO
Min. £250,000 - max £4 million.
Annual value of grant less than 40% of CSO’s annual income.
Max 3 grants per CSO
Duration Up to 3 years Up to 3 years
Matched funding Not required  At least 25%.  Proposals deemed to be technically strong would stand an increased chance of being successful if they demonstrate a level of match funding above the minimum 25%.
Eligibility ‘Small’ UK-based not for profit organisations, with an average income of less than £500,000 p.a. for the past 3 years. ‘Medium’ sized UK-based not for profit organisations (but no fixed upper or lower limit).  Organisations receiving PPAs excluded. 
Locally registered CSOs in countries where DFID has a country office. 
Funding rounds Two per year One per year

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