IDS-FunMat - International Doctoral School in Functional Materials for Energy, Information Technology, and Health

IDS-FunMat is an International joint Doctoral School in Materials Science, specialising in Functional Materials for Energy, Information Technology and Health. IDS-FunMat combines a well-structured, interdisciplinary training programme with high quality research work in leading laboratories from nine universities in five countries: University Louvain, University Liege (both Belgium), University Waterloo (Canada), University Bordeaux 1, Grenoble INP, UPCM Paris, University Caen (all France), TU Darmstadt (Germany) and IST Lisbon (Portugal).

ISD-FunMat intends to become a permanent reference model for international doctoral studies in Materials Science and beyond. Students will carry out their research work over three years in two universities from different countries, with additional mobility to industry in most projects. Joint training schools will cover both scientific topics and transferable skills, such as project management, communication, and negotiation techniques. IDS-FunMat will initially award double degrees; however, a ‘Joint Degrees Task Force’ will study pathways to implementation of Joint Degrees. The research projects will address the field of materials -from nano to macro-scale- dealing with some of the key technological challenges of our time, namely:

  • Energy and environment: production, storage and conversion (e.g. batteries, solar cells, thermoelectrics, fuel-cells, CO2 conversion, etc….)
  • Information Technology: integrated components (e.g. information processing, agile devices, optoelecronics, multiferroics, etc……..)
  • Health: e.g. tissue engineering, implants/prosthesis, imaging, diagnosis, therapy and drug delivery,etc….) 

The consortium partners assembled in IDS-FunMat have a high international reputation in the research fields described above. They complement each other very well in their specialisation fields of research, and in the corresponding training offers. The first language of all training and research activities will be English, but students will receive free tuition in local languages. 
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