MACOMA - Erasmus Mundus PhD in Marine and Coastal Management

The main objective of the marine and coastal management (MACOMA) proposal is the formation of 3rd cycle academic training and capacity building programme in the interdiciplinary domain of marine science under environmental and oceanography areas. The 5 full partnes institutions are coordinated by the U.Cádiz and include: U.Algarve (PT), U.Aveiro (PT), U.Bolonia (IT) and RSHU (RU).

It has associates partners: Universities: U.Cantabria, U, Basque Country, UNISANTA (BR), U.Ningbo (CH), Research institutions: Environment Canada, IPIMAR, (PT), IO RAS (RU), PROGONOZ (RU), LOICZ (GE). Intergovernmental and Government authorities: IOC/UNESCO, Ministry of Rural, Marine and Environment (Spain). Private companies: ABENGOA, Golder Associates Ltd. It forms a common platform on which science and policy formulation will be effectively associated. Due to the paramount social importance and challenge of science based management our main goal may not be achieved without the involvement of the coastal stakeholders. The Ph.D. 'MACOMA' is a 3 years programme running over two periods providing a Joint Doctoral degree in marine and coastal management. Students must complete 180 ECTS to be awarded the Ph.D. degree and at least 60 ECTS must be taken in a second EU Institution from the consortium. 

Students will begin the first year in the coordination institution at Cadiz where there will be a mandatory core programme of 30 ECTS offered to all students. Also, it will be offered a 30ECTS optional core programme that includes language research skill modules in any of the language related to the consortium countries (Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and Italian). Different modules will be offered related to the research lines proposed by the different consortium institutions. 

For a second period the students must move to a second and/or a third University where a range of list of research lines will be available to enable the students to specialise in their main area of interest. Students may also work in collaboration with many of our marine and coastal contacts associated with existing research projects - they will always have a consortium supervisor responsible for providing support, guidance and final assessment. 

It will be mandatory that any research lines offered and selected by any students should have their own research funds to ensure and facilitate the research period and reach a successful support to the student during the Ph.D. programme.
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