MoveAge - Prevention of mobility loss with ageing

Three leading academic institutions in movement and rehabilitation sciences, the Institute for biopmedical Research into Movement and Health at Manchester Metropolitan University, the Research institute MOVE at the VU University Amsterdam and the doctoral school in Exercise and Physical Activity in Health and Disease at Leuven University have joined forces to structure their PhD training in a newly developed Erasmus Mundus Joint Doctoral Program.

A joint doctorate program called MOVE-AGE will provide an integrated training of PhD students in the field of mobility and ageing. They aim of this program is to train the academic and professional leaders that will lead innovation required in the effort to maintain mobility in the ageing European population.

The MOVE-AGE Network will accommodate 10 new PhD students (from the EU and/or third countries) during five editions starting in five consecutive years. We will offer these students scientific training through original research in the field of mobility in ageing in at least two partner institutes of the network in combination with a series of tailor-made compulsory MOVE-AGE courses and an annual MOVE-AGE conference. In addition, we will offer an individualized support program consisting of existing courses at each of the three partner institutes.

Research Institute MOVE will act as the coordinating institute, which will organize activities including selection admission, and startup meetings. The partner institutes will jointly organize courses and the annual conferences, which will be hosted at the three institutes alternately. The facilitate valorization and access to the non-academic job market, associated partners comprising SME’s like Motek Medical bv and applied research institutes like the EMGO Institute for Health Care Research, will provide access to strategies and contacts and contribute to the MOVE-AGE program.

Each MOVE-AGE institute has selected up to 15 PhD supervisors with excellent track records, who will co-supervise so-called twinning PhD projects, in which each PhD student performs his/her research in the “MOVE-AGE Home Institute” for 2-2.5 years and in the “MOVE-AGE Partner Institute” for 0.5-1 year. This aggregate of scientists represents a unique and exceptionally strong network that will set the standards for PhD training in this field in the EU.
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