Danida Fellowship

Within the framework of Danish development assistance, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark hereby invites applications for research grants related to development research. The objective of the support is to generate knowledge in order to promote the overall objective of the Danish development assistance to reduce poverty and support sustainable development.

Grants will be awarded to research projects generating new knowledge relevant to the needs and strategies of the developing countries and relevant to Denmark’s development assistance. Furthermore, it is important that the research contribute to the research capacity building in developing countries.
Research themes
Theme 1: Climate, energy and sustainable use of natural resources
Theme 2: Economic growth, employment and property rights
Theme 3: Fragile states, conflict and civil society

Types of grants
Larger strategic research programmes (> DKK 5 million) with substantive elements of capacity building and with focus on national priorities and ownership in developing countries.

In addition, a limited number of individual PhD and post-doc applications covering a single researcher can be funded. the amount available for individual research projects will be limited to around 10 mill. DKK and applicants applying for PhD grants are recommended to provide proof of co-funding arrangements.

All eligible applications will be assessed by the Consultative Research Committee for Development Research.

Applications for pre-qualification will not be subject to an external reviewing process but will be assessed by the Consultative Research Committee for Development Research.

For prequalified larger strategic applications, external international reviewers will be used followed by part-consultation and they will be forwarded for evaluation in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
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