International Conference on Business & Public Policy

March 30 – April 1, 2011: Washington, DC, USA

The aim of the Third Annual International Conference on Business and Public Policy (ICBPP 2011) is to provide a forum for academic discussion on the global business and public policy issues from a multi-disciplinary perspective. Over the last two decades Global Business and Public Policy has become intertwined. While traditionally these two topics were treated separately, focusing mainly on developed countries, it is now time to consider these issues from a global perspective, especially considering the growing impact of the Newly Industrialized Countries on the global economy. 

The conference will welcome submissions from scholars of every disciple including business, economic, finance, public policy economic development, politics, science, technology, global security and public policy, sociology, and other practitioners in any field that impacts business and/or public policy. There is no better place to discuss issues of global perspective than in the U.S. capital city – Washington, DC. Participants will be able to enjoy shows, attractions, activities, and tours available in the capital city.

The following topics can be covered in your submission and presentation:
1 Accounting & the Global Environment
2 Democracy and Economic Growth
3 Entrepreneurship and Sustainability
4 Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility
5 Global Trade and Finance
6 Globalization and Newly Industrialized States
7 Health and Human Sciences
8 Microfinance Institutions and Poverty Alleviation
9 Private Sector Response to Public Policy
10 Public Policy in the U.S. and Newly Industrialized Countries
11 The Global Financial Crisis and it Impact of the Global Economy
12 The Growing Influence of China
13 The Healthcare Debate
14 The Role of Science and Technology in Public Policy
15 Any other related topic
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