PhD in Image Analysis

The Faculty of Applied Sciences is the largest faculty of TU Delft, with around 550 scientists, a support staff of 250 and 1,400 students. The faculty conducts fundamental, application-oriented research and offers scientific education at the bachelor, master and doctoral levels.

The faculty is active in the fields of Life and Health Science & Technology, Nanoscience, Chemical Engineering, Radiation Science & Technology, and Applied Physics. The Department of Imaging Science and Technology (IST) is a physics department which specialises in imaging physics and image-based measurement science. Our mission is performing cutting-edge research in imaging science to advance the fundamental understanding of physical phenomena, leading to new, innovative imaging principles and revolutionary imaging instruments.

We offer a stimulating academic climate for collaborative research and for educating students in the modern aspects of engineering physics and imaging sciences. From optical images of colliding galaxies taken by the Hubble telescope to acoustic images of geological structures in the subsurface, from magnetic resonance images of the human brain to optical and electron nanoscopy data for studying biomolecules, the acquisition, processing and analysis of images presents intellectual, scientific and technical challenges. We tackle the development of new image acquisition and processing systems and the quantitative analysis of the 2D, 3D and 4D images obtained through such systems.
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