PhD scholarship in Nanophotonic Switches

In the world class laboratory facilities of DTU Fotonik, the research encompasses a broad spectrum of today’s photonics research, ranging from nanotechnology at one end to complicated network architecture at the other.  A 3-year PhD scholarship is available at DTU Fotonik, Department of Photonics Engineering.

The realization of low-power and ultrafast optical switches is an important goal towards realizing integrated photonic circuits, that are expected to have a profound impact on ultra-high capacity communication systems and interconnects. This project aims at fabricating and characterizing all-optical switches based on photonic crystal waveguides and quantum dots. The project will take place in a close collaboration between experimental and theoretical research groups and will benefit from state-of-the-art fabrication and characterization facilities. The project is carried out as part of a national centre of excellence, NATEC (Nanophotonics for Terabit Communications, www.natec.dtu.dk), and will involve close interaction with theoretical activities aiming at simulating and designing photonic switch structures and analyzing their ultimate performance, as well as systems activities aiming at demonstrating the switches in systems experiments.

Candidates should have a master’s degree in electrical engineering or applied physics preferably with specialization in experimental photonics or semiconductor technology. The scholarships for the PhD degree are subject to academic approval, and the candidates will be enrolled in one of the general degree programmes of DTU.
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