Post-doc in Foldamer Synthesis and Assembly

The Faculty of Applied Sciences is the largest faculty of TU Delft, with around 550 scientists, a support staff of 250 and 1,400 students. The faculty conducts fundamental, application-oriented research and offers scientific education at the bachelor, master and doctoral levels.

The faculty is active in the fields of Life and Health Science & Technology, Nanoscience, Chemical Engineering, Radiation Science & Technology, and Applied Physics. The project deals with the construction of well-defined, functional polymer complexes using folded molecular templates. First, macromolecules capable of folding into a well-defined 3D structure will be developed. Second, their interactions with other (macro)molecules will be investigated, in order to arrive at new, nanostructured, functional materials.

Applications can range from optoelectronic materials to bio-interfacing, for which purpose external and internal (within TU Delft) collaborations have been set up. The major part of this work will be performed in the SAS section (Dr. R. Eelkema, Prof. J. H. van Esch) at the Department of Chemical Engineering of TU Delft.

Applicants must hold a PhD in organic or polymer chemistry (or have submitted their thesis prior to taking up the appointment), and have experience and practical skills with multi-step organic synthesis, preferably with additional experience in polymer and/or supramolecular chemistry. He/she should be able to analyse and optimise reaction processes, to select and execute appropriate purification techniques, and to characterise molecules and materials. Experience in the following areas would be advantageous: (a) UV-VIS, fluorescence (b) polymer synthesis and characterisation (c) characterisation of supramolecular complexes. The applicant should demonstrate scientific competence in the desired area(s), as judged by publications in high quality, peer-reviewed journals. Very good spoken and written English is mandatory.
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